Qsonics Ltd.

Data Protection and Privacy statement:

Qsonics [hereafter "The Company"] stores and processes the most limited form of 'personal information' required to enable contact with existing clients, and prospective clients who have contacted The Company directly or whose details are already in public circulation for invited contact relating to business matters.

The Company uses this information in relation to projects briefed by, quoted at the request of, and/or undertaken for those clients; contracts and agreement documents relating to those work projects; standard, mandatory accounting records; and as a private list of businesses The Company may have engaged or wish to use as professional service suppliers. No such information is shared with third parties.

The data recorded extends only to name, job title, company name, business contact email and work phone number. The pairing of a contact name and telephone number (being work landline and/or mobile number used for work matters, but potentially, and without knowledge of The Company, also for personal use) is stored and used only when this is given as the client-preferred contact method for projects.

The Company does not seek to store any home address or personal phone details, photographic images of clients or other personal information (eg. no date of birth, home address, passport or other personal details are requested or stored).

The Company does not use mass marketing methods, third party contact software, or share any data in bulk. Emails regarding work opportunities or offering professional products and services are intended for businesses and not individuals. Any such email is written specifically for that recipient and sent manually by The Company. Individual business contact details received from clients would only provided to associates where this is deemed part of usual and expected project communication.

If you have any concerns or questions relating to this policy or information that The Company has stored about you, or if you wish to request removal of your information from our records, please get in touch directly using one of the contact methods given on the home page.

Data Controller: Andrew M White, Qsonics Ltd.

Updated May 2018 in accordance with GDPR