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Themes capturing the energy, effervescence, beauty & brilliance of the land where Qsonics was born
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Some diverse examples of Qsonics custom music creations:
Direct dubbing, downloading or re-use of audio from this demo is prohibited
Although these tracks were created for specific clients and projects, some are available for sync licensing and library use in certain territories.
Please get in touch and quote the marker number of the track you'd like to use. Of course, plenty more tracks are ready to roll too! Just ask.

Past Projects

Please note that some demonstrations feature edited highlights, so third-party material is kept to a minimum and only included for context.
Some broadcast material has been captured as it aired or retrieved from YouTube and quality will not always match that provided for TX!

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Monorail examples - arriving & leaving:

Alton Towers
A set of themes based around the famous "Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg, long associated with the theme park.

To give a fresh twist to the theme and personalise it for the family & teen visitors, stylised versions were created to be heard on the revamped Monorail and Skyride transportation systems and further light mixes with dance-tempo loops were created for the box office area. The video shows one of those box office area sequences with ear-catching swipe, click & rollout FX to draw visitors' attention to promotions on screens. The goal was to turn heads and ensure nobody would miss out on the messages as they passed through. Visuals created by Sounds Fishy

The audio player demonstrates one set of monorail mixes with arrival and departure audio heard in November. Each section reflects the voice message in the music & fx - everything from spooky fun and '1812'-style firework events to serious safety info and the tempo ramps up gradually towards arrival!

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Channel 4 - Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour
A cheeky, brassy theme with a summer vibe for a globe-trotting teatime show hosted by the larger than life Coach Trip star Brendan Sheerin.

The brief was for a fast-moving sig tune with percussion, fx and a catchy lyrical-sounding melody line.

Here is the opening as it played out in one episode...

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Dancing on Ice - Series Opener - Edge of Glory
An arrangement and mash-up of Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory in grand symphonic style with an elaborate fantasy visual theme created at the request of ITV Studios for the series of the primetime Sunday show.

The original vocal was built into a completely new version of the song and the routine was choreographed around this piece. The perfect mix of Olympic stars, pyrotechnics, stunning moves and tricks and - crucially - the official nod of approval from the record label.

The remix was subsequently used for the National Television Awards talent show category nomination montage, which indicates that it clearly represented a memorable high point in the series.

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BBC News Review of the Year
For five years running the BBC's annual review programmes featured custom music by Qsonics for the start and end titles, as well as programme trails.

Each year the 6 themed episodes were shown on BBC News Channel several times a day and often on BBC World News channel internationally and could be accessed via high profile links from the BBC News site across the festive period.

2012 was a particular special time - ending a year of British sporting triumphs and the Diamond Jubilee and it was great to hear Qsonics music leading into the memorable Daniel Craig sequence with The Queen

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History of Retail in 100 objects - WPP The Store
An innovative approach to a challenging request - music covering the gamut of time to accompany a video illustrating 100 retail inventions through history, from way back right up to present day.. and beyond!

ToInspire Productions was creating a timeline video for a presentation by advertising giant WPP The Store and wanted a musical soundtrack like no other, with a single piece moving fluidly through time and picking out significant styles and instrumentation of each era along the way, wrapped in a contemporary full-frequency base and, crucially, avoiding any direct references to copyright tracks.

It's by no means a scientific exercise, but added an extra fun dimension to the presentation and received great feedback.

So now, marvel as we step from Cave Man, Neolithic Period, Early Trading period into the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries!

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BBC World News Marketboards backdrop
This custom track was created for financial data segments on BBC World News and features a layered mix of electronic sounds over rhythm guitar, piano and string line - all riding on a propulsive rhythm.

It is an active theme, but the mood remains fairly neutral as the data shown will have a range of implications for different viewers, so it can't sound overly cheerful in a major key or too heavy and newsy.

It maintains pace and energy throughout to carry the visuals.

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BBC News - How To Put A Human On Mars
A gently bubbling, curious and thoughtful bed for this daytime science special.
The warmth of the track suits a focus on making the interstellar connection, rather than anything suggesting little green martians!

This track was one of a range created for BBC World/News promotional use by Qsonics.

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Exploration Systems
An exciting proud custom theme for a promotional video, capturing the landscape seen in the footage and representing global reach, human focus and a strong business commitment.

The punctuation and flourishes help to add grandeur and gravitas to the strong message delivered by voiceover Christopher Kent.

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Consumers Advocate Product Video Soundtrack
Caring & compassionate music for a subject requiring a sensitive approach.

The infographics and narration explain some crucial differences between pet insurance plans and illustrate how this comparison service can help pet owners make an important choice.

The music was intended to help keep the message moving and highlight the 3 distinct scenes, reflecting the mood in each case. You will hear an introduction, plan type details and an overview of how the service works, leading to a confident and positive finish.

This project was delivered to Sounds Fishy - a highly experienced and innovative video, audio & multimedia production house based in LA - who incorporated it into their final video.

Company Background

Drew White - this is the best photo available, shockingly!
Qsonics Ltd  is a London based company formed by Drew White, combining broadcast production skills honed in the UK at national & network radio level during the 90s and 2000s, with a music production and performance brand created in Brazil in 2004.

Backed by over 20 years professional broadcast production experience, with original musical work featured on national radio as far back as 1995 - and heard everywhere from Radio 1 to Top Gear trails, Wembley Arena to Bloomberg in the US + around the world on over a dozen albums for internationally-represented production music libraries.

I began my media adventures in studios on the south coast as a teen and from 1990 worked full-time in programme and commercial production, already using early digital editing technology from D.A.R. then Digidesign and SADiE. I set up my first studio and began music + fx production for station identity, as well providing full soundtracks for corporate videos and trail voices for TVS and Meridian. I was involved with legacy brands including Power FM, Galaxy and 2CR.

In London I spent 7 years at stations including Capital Radio (FM + Gold) and the launch of Talk Radio UK. I was the imaging producer of Capital's first network roll-out and created branding & promotions audio for World Cup + Euro tournament coverage. During this time I was a partner in the launch of production library Music Candy; worked on shows for Bravo TV; and created the theme for ITV/Carlton music show "Routes of Rock".

I first used the name Qsonics for experimental audio performance and tech art projects while living in São Paulo, where I enjoyed the amazing cultural energy of South America's biggest city. This was a great opportunity to expand my original music portfolio with help from many talented local players, but I also wanted to collaborate in live studio sessions for these musicians' own tracks so I could get a real feel for their creative vision.

The experiences were quite magical - from percussionists who appeared to be playing at double speed before my eyes (clip 3) to a rainstorm with perfectly-timed thunderclap captured during a backyard vocal recording (clip 7). Here are some brief extracts showing my production contribution to just a few of these projects:
NB. I am not the composer of these tracks and do not claim copyright!

I am proud to have provided production services to many UK broadcasters including BBC News, Global Radio (Classic FM, Gold, Heart, Capital, XFM), Bauer group and UTV radio networks among others. In 2006 my own Qsonics studio in Brazil was chosen to play host to Gilles Peterson, Earl Zinger and the Somethin' Else production crew for a São Paulo special edition of Worldwide on BBC Radio 1 - live!

My music and fx have been heard on BBC Radio 1 and 2 and on countless Independent Local Radio stations. I have appeared as an imaging + promotions voiceover on over 50 UK stations - showreels for this work area can be found at DrewWhite.com and Radio Facilities where I am a featured voice artist.

Internationally, through partnership with TM Studios in Dallas my music has reached exposure on stations from Bloomberg in New York to Serbia to Scotland, while my library music work gets used in some surprising parts of the globe - I've produced albums for De Wolfe, Music Candy and Beds & Beats in London.

Qsonics Ltd. - Registered in England & Wales | Company number 07937756
Reg'd Office: 1st Floor, Radius House, 51 Clarendon Rd. Watford WD17 1HP
Contact Drew White directly:

  T: +44 (0)20 7193 7122